There’s a superhero inside all of us

In October each year, Books A Million partners with Children's of Alabama to salute their hardworking medical professionals with superhero-themed events. Stratus works with the BAM and COA marketing teams to develop backdrops, inspirational elevator wraps and a walkway-spanning window installation.

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Many Ways to Honor Heroes

Translucent vinyl graphics that allowed light transmission, but were still vibrant and eye-catching, were produced and installed on the windows of a waiting room while giant 5 foot by 10 foot freestanding black and white comic boards gave the waiting children a place to color.

Translucent vinyl was used for a larger-than-life superhero graphic that covered the windows of a walkway spanning hospital buildings and vinyl graphics were applied to the outside and inside of the elevator doors showing the hospital heroes with and without their capes.

Superhero Coloring Boards

There Is a Hero Text
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